Truck and van fridges

Since over 40 years IndelB designs and realizes portable and built in compressor truck fridges, 12 and 24 volt, for the biggest European and American producers of heavy commercial vehicles such as Volvo, Scania, Daf, Iveco, Renault, Kenworth, Daimler and Peterbilt, firms which are synonymous of quality for everyone who works in  the industrial and commercial vehicles field.

Truck fridges of AFTERMARKET line are realized using the same components as the   mass production of commercial vehicles and keeping the same standard for functionality, performances and loading capacity. This is one of the reason why they are so easily and perfectly integrated in your vehicle cabin, the same way as the original ones, becoming an efficient and convenient alternative to whom want to use the space destined by the constructor to the fridge, placing it into the empty drawers or into the truck storage tray, to maximize the space at the driver disposal.

Installation can be carried out by your electrician or by yourself, after reading carefully the manual since the operations are simply and intuitive.

In case of commercial vehicle without the predisposition of space for a fridge  Indel B offers the  TRAVEL BOX line, practical compressor portable fridges to carry and preserve food, drinks, medicines and everything the driver and passengers may need.

This range is characterized but a wide variety of models of maximum efficiency and small dimensions, that allow the user to easily move the portable fridge from the work vehicle to the car, with a double use -  professional and private.

The truck fridges of TRAVEL BOX line are produced following the same quality standard and the same components than the AFTER MARKET line, and more generally the production of original truck fridges OEM, that is the exclusive  standard production for big constructors of commercial vehicles.

 Right for the particular use destination the components and especially the Secop Compressor  (ex DANFOSS) that Indel B uses are top quality, designed and manufactured to work 24 hours a day and resist to all the vibrations and road pressure resulting from a long drive, on road not always in good conditions.

Safety on board and energy saving

All portable and built in Indel B fridges are equipped with direct current and an energy saver device that turn off the fridge when the battery level get closed to a minimum level, avoiding the risk of remaining without enough power to switch on the motor.

All Indel B truck fridges are in compliance with the strict Laws EMC regarding electromagnetic interferences AND are CE certified.

The portable or built in truck fridges of Indel B  are inimitable “travel buddies”.

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