Car fridges

Indel B designs and realizes compressor portable car fridges, 12 and 24 Volt, since over 40 years and supplies some of the biggest European and American manufactures of commercial vehicles such as Volvo, Scania, Daf, Iveco, Renault, Kenworth e Peterbilt.

Starting from this experience Indel B has produced a range of car refrigerators equipped with the same major components as the   mass production of commercial vehicles, maintaining high and selective quality standards, required by the automotive factories.

The range of portable car fridges is composed of 16 models which according to the dimensions can be used in different situations (contexts), to carry food, drinks and medicines; to keep fresh fruits, vegetables and even frozen products during long travels, trips, journeys and short transfers.

The great cooling capacity allows the user to carry home frozen nourishments without suspending the cold chain.

Moving from a grocery to any store without the limit of going straight home to place the fresh food into the refrigerator is possible and convenient. A compressor portable car refrigerator on board of your car will allow you to manage your time with more freedom and flexibility.

The double supply (DC 12/24 Volt and AC 115/230 Volt) permits the car fridge to be used the same way on board as at home, hooking up the cable to the car cigar lighter or to the socket.

The car fridge automatically recognizes the type of source of energy turning into a home fridge when needed.

With the car fridge of Indel B you will learn about a different and better way of enjoying a travel or a transfer, taking the advantages of those comforts that before were typical of home.

The Indel B car Fridges are inimitable “travel buddies”.  


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